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"Bankruptcy Basics"
What is bankruptcy? What happens in a bankruptcy case? Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides relief for individuals who can no longer pay all of their debts. If you are considering bankruptcy, this video will give you basic information about the process, the relief it offers, and how to find the legal help you may need.

Bankruptcy Basics., Film. 18 Jun 2013

"Filing for Bankruptcy"
How does someone file a bankruptcy case? In order to file for bankruptcy, an individual must take a credit counseling course – to learn about alternatives to bankruptcy – as well as accurately complete and file a number of documents

Filing for Bankruptcy., Film. 18 Jun 2013. 
"Legal Assistance "
When does someone need a lawyer for a bankruptcy case? Individuals have a right to represent themselves in court, but bankruptcy is a complex area that involves many considerations – including whether to file, what chapter to file under, and what exemptions to claim. It is important to understand all of the protections of the bankruptcy code in order to make full use of them. 

​Legal Assistance., Film. 18 Jun 2013. 
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